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The most advanced tactical range designer & shooter performance system on the planet

VikingShot is a comprehensive tactical training app that allows you to design complex tactical ranges with ease, run advanced training with minimal effort & measure shooter performance to develop their skills & ultimately capability

Platform Features

Shooting Targets
Shooting Practice
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Tactical Range Designer

Offering a comprehensive tactical range designer within the platform allows safety supervisors to design complex shooting ranges with the click of a button. The platforms allows for seamless collaboration within a unit and with external agencies

Range Day

Through a user-friendly interface we make running advanced range days a snap. Simply select your shooters, select the pre-designed range serials you want to run and have all the appropriate range setup, briefing and safety requirements at your fingertips

Performance Analytics

VikingShot offers a detailed analytics system where you can track and measure the performance of individuals and groups of shooters in real-time and analyze historical performance. The perfect solution to having quantifiable data on the skills progression of a shooter and ultimately capability for a unit

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